Universal Life REIKI

Universal Life Reiki

I am a certified Reiki Master performing hands on Reiki touch healing treatments.

I enjoy and use many forms of divination to assist you.

Distance Reiki is effective and available.

Healing energy treatments using hands on Reiki

This is myself and I am in my home where my Reiki studio is located

Audra Brown is a practicing Reiki Master.  She has been formally giving Reiki Healing Energy since 2011.  Audra is originally from the Deep South and was raised in a family of very gifted healers.  It became apparent to her from early on that the phrase "laying on of hands" had an even deeper meaning for her.  Being a very deeply spirit filled person, Audra had the realization that the act of touching someone through hugging or loving interaction was the only way that she knew how to be.  Audra finally realized that this act of touching had a powerfully positive effect of other people as well as herself.

Audra has always been in a  field of work where she personally and physically interacted with people.  Starting in retail then onto the beauty industry for many years.  Her last career was in customer service in all it's creative forms.  Her passion has ALWAYS been to be of some sort of service to her fellow human being.   In accordance with the Reiki "creed", Audra has chosen to follow these 5 simple thoughts and to share them with others:

Today I will not be angry

Today I will not worry

Today I will be grateful

Today I will work with diligence

Today I will be kind to people

Upon receiving her Masters Certification in Reiki, Audra knew that her path had changed and that she became compelled to increase her awareness of and also share Reiki Healing Energy.  Audra became an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church in order to assist and propel her forward into this next phase of her life. 

Audra now resides in Robesonia, PA and is happily married.  Audra looks forward with gratitude in assisting others with their path. She knows that by osmosis this will assist her in her own expansion.  

For this she is truly and humbly GRATEFUL.