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Divinity and Dignity

Posted on August 20, 2017 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)



Hi there all, been a really long time since if jumped in and penned a thought to share. This hit me last night and I realized today that I had something that I wanted to share.

So with all of the energetic changes that have been swirling around us since this year of new beginnings, I have found myself in some places that were not very comfortable. Like many of us our “go too magic” was just not working for me in this new environment, I have floundered, and been a bit out of sorts. I began hearing a repeating the word to myself and others that the authenticity had changed for me and I was finding it very uncomfortable. I began a quest to allow my authenticity to morph without my interference as I was just getting in my own way. I have been allowing myself to feel confused, out of sorts and pretty much discombobulated! To my wonder and surprise I have come to the realization that the out of sorts was just change and that change as I have repeated many times is good. I realized that the indignity that I was feeling at being thrown into a place that was rude, obnoxious and unhappy was really none of those things, they were merely the perception I was creating around the change that I could not relate to at that very moment. I began to realize that my indignancy was truly of my own making because I had failed to inject my unending faith in Spirit into this equation. Thus I realized that for me Divinity and Dignity are super inter-connected, and that without one the other felt hollow. Now I’m not really speaking about social dignity, or physical dignity, I’m more speaking about the innate dignity that is issued to us all from the beginning. We have a choice to allow this societal madness to tear us down and strip us of our dignity or we can disregard that which is really neither here nor there and choose to Honor the Divinity that resides with in each and every one of us. I am choosing and finding that by releasing the grip of biased media interaction and taking the time to interact with the DIVINE that resides with in, I am coming back to centeredness. I share this information in love and light in the hopes that it may serve as a perception change for you as well. Please receive it in the context of the love and light that it was given.




Love, Honor and Respect

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Love, Peace, Honor and Respect

In The Midst of Destruction


I was born in 1961! I was raised in a military family by a Father who was raised by the Military as he lied about his age to get in. He did this because times were so tough that there was no other choice! I was raised with the utmost respect I said yes Ma’am and yes Sir to every adult! You know what? I meant it too. I did not do this only because of the fear of negative repercussions, I truly respected them!

Now I know before you start, I understand there are some people…and that is one of the points of this blog. Now that I am 55 years of age and I still say yes Ma’am and yes Sir to adults and even young people, I still mean it. Respect is earned and not just a given. Yes maybe at one time and in some circumstances this was a blindly accepted practice. We as a Society and a species have changed. Change is inevitable! WE have become so independent from each other. We have our own everything, house, phone, car etc. We no longer NEED each other!

I humbly beg to differ. I believe we need each other now more than ever! We are so quick to point out our differences, and we use them as weapons towards one another! We freely dig up things from the past and hurl them with unabashed evilness and hate. I find that people bring things up that have no bearing on anything other than inflict pain. The period of political correctness was a self-imposed smoke screen that was initially intended to help each other become aware of hurtful disrespectful terms used towards another. I do not for one moment believe that any of this was thrown in people’s faces or shoved down their throats. YOU took it that way and did not have the guts to stand in your own AUTHENTICITY and be real. You went along with the masses and all the while you were seething just below the surface. I am horrified and ashamed that people are now “outing” themselves. Using words and terms with full intention of meanness and hate to show how they really feel. All done in the name of self-righteous indignation. Why you ask? Because they now have the guts because of their misguided belief in the power of this new political climate.

I am not here to debate Republican, Democrat, race, sexual orientation, gender differentiation, religious doctrine or immigration! Those are each


your own crosses to bear as it were! My point is that it is NOT us and them! We are all pink on the inside and we have all made horrible mistakes in history and this life! You want love? Then give it. You want peace? Then let go whatever doctrine you are chained to, learn for yourself, and get out from under your rock and look around for truth and be peaceful. To do this you must look at the truth and release the fear! You want to be honored and respected? Then get a grip and BE honorable, AUTHENTIC and respectable! Last but not least RESPECT is earned, you want it? RESPECT yourself and others and do the work it takes to see all the wondrous qualities that makes us all exactly the same. Remember that when you lie, cheat and steal, whether by omission or trickery you will continue to receive more of the same. The Law of Attraction is real!!!!!

If you feel any of this as I do, then do what you CAN do. Stop listening and reacting to negative rhetoric. See it for what it is, be smart and informed, but do not respond with hate. We can get off this cycle of he said she said and it’s us versus them, by loving each other and being ONE!!!!

In closing I ask each and every one of you to stop! Be still and ask yourself, if the situation were turned around and you found yourself on the receiving end of what you are giving, would you feel and react the same way?????

May all who read this receive it in the mode of love from which it was intended!

I am truly sending Love and Light to us ALL as we are ALL ONE.




Enlightening Ucertainty

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)



Audra Brown


Greetings to all light beings. I have been neglect in sharing ideas and thought processes with you for some time. For that I truly apologize. Let me remind you and myself that we are a light being inside of a human suit…nothing more than a suit of clothes!

With this said, I would like to share some experiences with you. As I am wholly aware the entire planet is undergoing a huge shift and change including we light beings riding around in our meat suits. Dimension shifting is need and inevitable. I am hyper aware that they present state of the USA Political system and Europe Brexit are in chaos, as well as the Middle East. I feel the negative energy has increased as I know many of you workers of the healing arts have felt as well. This is not a political post! What my intention is to share with all of you is that even though we are expanding into our new dimensions, I feel as though we are forgetting the human and especially the emotional aspect of our being. As we are struggling to awaken to the changes and the “enlightenment”, I am seeing a propensity to not acknowledge our Spirit given emotions! The point that I am making is that as we move forward there is a tendency to put pressure by others and ourselves, especially in the alternative community to deny the feelings and emotions that we are feeling. I have been a light worker from sometime, I divine with cards and pendulums, I practice healing craft and above all do my best to stay in the higher energies!! I feel loss and grief and anger at the world that I am forced to participate in! By denying myself the time, effort and energy to go through these stages, I find that I am returning to these feelings and then allowing fear/ego to enter the scenario! My point to all of this is that we are not perfect and that we are allowed to feel whatever emotion we are being forced to endure based on the illusion that we call life. While I’m here in my meat covered vehicle doing the very best that I can to love and give and help everyone I come in contact with, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let others make me feel guilty for MY OWN EMOTIONS! This is not that I feel you must follow what I am doing, I’m just summing it up to say that we are growing and expanding and we need to extend the same love and compassion to ourselves as we do with others. May all who read this message receive it message in the love and light from which it is intended!



Patience is a Virtue

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Patience is a Virtue


Audra Brown


Hello fellow dwellers in the light. We are into our winter lunar eclipse with comet passing. I’m not sure how you all are feeling but, I can tell you I’m not especially comfortable. I by nature am not the most patient person. When I have something in mind I’m ready to tackle it whole heartedly. Well since the beginning of this number 1 year I feel like I am in neutral. As a doer I am not very comfy in this neutral position. I get it that I am not necessarily needing to be I full forward motion to be considered productive or deserving! I am reluctantly resigning myself to the reality that I am not supposed to be “doing” right now! Not an easy task or lesson for me, but a lesson none the less. I am finding that the more I learn, open up and expand, the more of the same is necessary! I believe this is the lesson in the greater picture for me at this time. By not pushing myself to do and accomplish and wasting valuable energy is the “work” that needs to be done in learning the lesson. With that said, as I write I am beginning to get an inkling that I am right where I should be, and that I am doing exactly what I should be doing! The comfort for us is as always a choice. I can choose to feel as though I’m not “accomplishing” based on others perceptions, and with that choice of perception comes the responsibility of the feelings of not being comfortable, bothered, impatient, irritated and the list goes on……..! That is alright in and of itself, no judgments needed! I am discerning that for me any number of choices are also available, and the one that I am choosing is to take the side of LOVE. I am choosing to place it squarely on myself and know that I am doing just exactly as I need to be doing. No judgments needed here either. So is patience really a virtue or a choice? I say both. Because in making the choice to love where I am and doing exactly as I am doing I am truly being most virtuous! As always I hope that al who read this receive in the mode of love from which it was intended.

Love and Light




Posted on June 17, 2016 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Prayers! Sending out prayers. I’m praying for you or this that and the other. Have these become catch phrases along with “Just let it go”, “It is what it is” Sending love and light”? I for one use these phrases. I am also deeply aware that they truly mean something. I believe thoughts and words are powerful and become things. When we think or say words, we use groups of letters to create that word or thought. Think about this for a minute and you may have heard this before. Putting groups of letters together to form a word is called……..? SPELLing! We are in essence casting spells or weaving energy, good and bad to create! With this in mind, I feel, and am compelled to share that there is a responsibility that comes along with thinking and spelling. These thoughts and phrases are not politically correct responses to a media driven society! I understand that when we see scenes unfold in the media that we grimace from them and we say “oh I’m praying for those folks”, but if you are not looking at your own thoughts and deeds and just throw out a “catch phrase” then moving on…….well then I think we should all be more aware! Look at your own thoughts and actions, are you even aware of the energy you are mindlessly releasing. Do you have prejudices and believe in stereotypes? Do you secretly harbor a sense that you are better than someone else because you fit an accepted mold? None of us are perfect and I am in no way chastising anyone. If you are going to think and use words then I believe we as a species need to become more authentic with ourselves, stand in the light of truth and take responsibility! Take the time and put forth the energy to look at and find your authentic self. Stand in that light, and BE YOU! So then even if you are prejudice, and you do believe you are better than I am, your energy will be coming from a place of authenticity. Then maybe you will think before you open your thought process and mouth and “cast your spell!” We are in a world and time that is especially tumultuous at this time, we try and do the best that we can in the circumstances we find ourselves. The very least we can do is be authentic and truthful and if we truly care we will take responsibility and do as we say, not just blatantly lie by throwing a politically correct catch phrase.   I truly pray that this information is received in the love and light that it was intented.



Posted on June 16, 2016 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)



Todays post: DIVINITY! What am I referring to? I'm referring to the spiritual perfection that resides in each and every one of us. I know, I know we immediately want to jump in there and try to pick apart, and point out those folks that are not acting or being very divine at this time! To that I would like to say that we are not projecting, but doing our own work and going inside ourselves for the answers we seek! With that said, I realize that the planet we are residing on is not a very good place at this time (or so it seems.) Spirit and I regularly communicate as do all of you. My message today is to try and get the point across to everyone that we are ALL Divine spiritual beings inhabiting a material human body. If you will indulge me please think for a moment about the last time that you thought of yourself as divine.......... It"s been a while, if ever right? Well that is the point to this blog. If more of us on this planet looked at and appreciated ourselves for the diviness that resides within us, instead of focusing on our"warts" and imperfections, we would be a lot better off. We are being driven by the social standards that a few have deemed the "norm". The media panders to this, and our lack of connection with Spirit allows this to flourish! Stop for one moment, take a deep breath and just concentrate on the magical action of even taking that breath. The fact that you unconciously breathe and oxygen nourishes this material body to make it animate itself and thus unconciously provide a temporary temple for the Divine Spirit to reside in is a Miracle. So if the unseen Spirit can provide you with this miraculous vehicle we call a body, then you must pay hommage to the Divine being that resides within! Just think about all of the half truths that are shoved at us via the media about all the horrible situations and horrible persons that reside here with us. If the perpetrators and the media and each and everyone of us made the effort to connect with our Divine selves......can you see how things would be so completely different. How about we make more time to see how magically devine we are and to focus on seeing this in ourselves and each other? History, past and present divine souls have been urging us since the beginning of time to go inside for all that we seek. I for one am choosing to do just that and spend more time with the Divine Goddess that resides in me! Would you please try and do it with me? I would like to leave you with a final thought by sharing a phrase that my Momma shared with me many, many times: "Not a blade of grass blows in the wind that Spirit does not have it's hand on!" This includes each and every one of us we just need to close our eyes to the outside negativity and the "shoulds" and BE DIVINE!


Posted on April 15, 2016 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello All,

Coming to you from finally sunny Pennsylvania and spring has finally truly Sprung!

I would like to talk today about Authenticity.  I'm talking about doing your own internal spiritual work and delving into inside and finding your authentic self.  I am not saying the perfect self of societal expectations, I'm saying the REAL you standing in your one true light warts and all.  I am finding as we progress into our next phase of spirtual evolution that people are being forced to look at themselves in a light that they are not necessarily happy with.  What does that mean?  Well for me it means that being truthful with myself and seeing me through raw unfiltered eyes and choosing to accept who and what I truly am.  If I find that when I do this if I am not happy with some aspect of my true self, then I have a choice, change it or accept it.  Either is fine because remember this is about you feeling comfortable in your skin regardless of outside influences.  This is your truth and if you are truly comforted by your authenticity, then you are standing in your own true light.  I find that many of the negative aspects of the planet we reside on at this time stem from IN-AUTHENTICITY!  People are irrational, hate-filled and all around irritated by lifes ups and downs because they have not taken the time and effort to understand themselves.  I find that I recognize right away if others I come in contact with are authentic or not.  The beauty of this is being able then to make a choice for my own connection with them based on truth or not, either way that choice is mine.  I have no judgement that they should be one way or the other authentic or not,  I am comforted in the awareness either way.  I ask you to just consider that if you are struggling and you do not seem to be able to get past it, LOOK INSIDE!  Find out who and what you are, make the necessary changes if you so choose and love what you are and who you see.  It is very liberating when done in complete honesty.  Do I think that I am perfect?  Do I think that my thoughts are righteous?  Do I think that every word from my mouth is a monumental pearl of wisdom?  The resounding answer to these questions is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I do see the Divinity and miracle that I am.  I do find my thoughts internally liberating because I recognize that they are coming from SPIRIT residing with in me.  I do know that the words that come from my mouth are coming from my AUTHENTIC self and that my intention is to love and share the light of that with others for the simple fact that they are my fellow beings.  Everyone is Devine, every breath we take is miraculous and every step we make is Holy.  Take some time and tap into you and share your own true light!  Love and light y'all!  See you in the 5th dimension.


Posted on March 18, 2016 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello fellow beings,

I Want to talk about my newly re-established love of PERSPECTIVE!  In a world that I see forcing us to  accept more and more hurdles, objectives and goals.  we are experiencing so much trauma.  Our society pressures us to measure up and have these huge accomplishments.  I found myself and many of my clients to be mired down in this thought pattern. I find that  people are so socially and media driven that they set themsleves up for failure by trying to conform to this impossibility. When we do not reach these impossible goals we deem ourselves failures.  We then look around at others and, at face value validate that we are indeed not living up to "the standard." We become resentful and see others accomplisments as insult to injury.  We do not even consider the toll this accomplishment may be taking on our fellow beings. At this point our perspective is totally skewed by external forces. It is time for a change in PERSPECTIVE!   We are Devine beings that are so accomplished by the simple act breathing.  Every step we make in this life time is HOLY.  We have a choice to look at this ever pressing epidemic in our society and make a change!  How do I do that, I am only one person?  I find that if I ask the universe for a change in my perception, and then give myself the time, space and permission to receive it, miracle of miracles the change comes.  You  know that the Universe is always listening.  The cosmos is always sending back the energy we produce as like attracts like.  With this in mind realize that this new  thought pattern takes you out of the role of victim.  Our social dogma only applies to you if you choose to participate.  No I am not saying sit back on your laurels and "wish" everything you want  into being!  What I am saying is show more kindness and love to your efforts and receive the benefits that you seek, without the trauma.  Our Universe is perfect just as it is and so are you, if you will let it be so.  Allow more of the hard work you put out to  be used  on yourself personally.  Think more highly of yourself and what you are doing.  See the divinity in yourself and everything around you.  Use your energy to develop that attitude of gratitude.  Allow life to be great.  Allow that new PERSPECTIVE into your life and choose to be happy, fulfilled and DEVINE!

Finding Yourself in an Unexpected Safe Place

Posted on March 11, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)


I was inpired for this post from a card reading that I did for myself just very recently.  Some of you may or may not know that I devine with many tools to look at situations in order to gleen a different perspective.  Perspective there is that word again but that is for another blog very soon.  So in this reading I really do not remember the card exactly,  though I do know that the deck was Chakra Oracle Cards.  I digress, the really meaty message that rang out to me tike a Tibetan singing bowl was this:  REJECTION IS SPIRITUAL PROTECTION!!!  Well there you have it.  As I pondered this for a better part of a day, I came to realize that this information was meant for many people,  not just myself and my clients.  The key for me was this.  Spirit has my back and if I take the time to listen, have that blind faith and KNOW that I am cared for, then heed my intuition, I can really minimalize some of the suffereing that we all go through in any type of rejection situation.  So round a bout here we are back on the subject of choice.  I will choose from this day forward to realize that any type of rejection that  I feel,   real or perceived, is Spirit looking out for me.  I choose to listen.  I hope this will help you to open up to the same thought pattern and allow it to assist you in your path for your highest good.  I send this iff to you with love and light.


Being Fearless in a Fear-Filled World

Posted on March 4, 2016 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)


Well here we are  in 2016.  Moving forward in so many ways and yet seems like we are repeating a lot of history.  I find that the more that people are speaking the words enlightenment and that we are  ALL ONE, the less they do it.  I myself was a victim of this fear based thinking for about a week.  I got so wrapped up in this warped political campaign that I began to be very fearful.  I suffered tremendously until I Like Cher said in Moonstruck "snapped out of it!"  I realized that I still had a choice and that the feelings were just that...unfounded fear.  I let my vivid ego based imagination take me to many horrible scenarios!  STOP!!  I realized that I had a choice to participate or not, I chose the latter!  I have chosen to pray for the entire American Political process and to have that blind Faith that Spirit will work it out that the decision will serve ALL in their Highest Good.  I urge you all to try it!

Love and Light to all