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Gratittude and Choice

Posted on August 15, 2015 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Well good morning from sunny and hot Pennsylvania,

I would like to start by saying that yesterday would have been my beloved Mother's 85th Birthday.  Love and miss you Billie G. Brown.  I  know if cancer had not taken you, you would have been a fun and feisty 85 year old.   Instead you are on the OTHER SIDE whooping it up and assisting, loving, guiding and supporting not only me but countless others! Not until a few years ago would I have been able to think about this, as the pain of the loss was so intense I found it unbearable.  I have shared this with you in other blogs.  My point is that we all have choices.  I finally chose to remember the life my MOTHER LIVED NOT HER DEATH.  Does this diminish my love or loyalty to her in any way?  NO!  I was invited to a small intimate dinner party by a friend who is moving from the area and wanted to put her like-minded friends together so that we could get to know one another and in a way carry on in her absence.  Choice again came into play as I am more of a solitary person as some of you may or may not know.  I decided that I would go and celebrate my mother's birthday at a party.  We did.  The company was out of this world (literally)  the conversation was so deep and meaningful.  The food was fantastic.  Not once did we even think of any of this media driven madness that we are inundated with daily.  I just knew I would be home by 8 and as we looked at the clock we all looked at each other and had no idea it was 11:30.  I believe that I have connected with 2 more souls that I need in my life, I had a great time and I am grateful.  My prayer and wish is for us all to begin to realize that we have choices in our life, take a chance, get out of your comfort zone and realize that you will find many great things out there that you would have missed had you not taken the chance and made a different choice than what you are comfortable with.  I know, I know.  This is not always the case and "what if", who cares I got out there I made a choice and I enjoyed it.  Live life.  Do not play into the media frenzy that we are attacked by.  Be YOU, witchy, freaky, weird, out of the box but make a choice and get out there and be you.  Remember that we are ALL ONE and we are all just walking each other home.  We are in this body and on this planet to make a change.  I personally do not think that the changes that we are talking about are these huge media driven escapades.  Not that all the many wonderful things we are accomplishing on this planet are in any way diminished, but when all is said and done and we "go Home" what does all that really matter. I for one am going to see the Universal One (GOD in what ever from you relate) in the eyes of every light being (in a human body) and send them love and light.  I wish you all the blessings that this life has to give but even more I wish you all the blessings that you can CHOOSE TO HAVE.

Love and light y'all


Shamanism/ Divining

Posted on July 19, 2015 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello and Happy Sunday to you all,

I would like to talk a bit about my ancestry which is for the most part Cherokee.  In studying my family history in this lifetime, and many from the past I have come to a realization.  The form of healing work that I do is Reiki but also Shamanism.  When you are working with a client for what ever reason I find that I may need to employ many tools.  I may use stones or crystals, I may dowse with a pendulum, I may use one or many different decks of cards,  I may chant or pray, I may use motion to change the direction or intensity of the energy.  These are all tools I may use to assist my client in accomplishing their goal for their session with me.

There is sometimes a fear associated with many of these forms of divination.  I will attempt to explain my own point of view on this matter.  I am a LIGHT worker.  This means that I am ALWAYS working with and through the WHITE LIGHT of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Now this "Great Spirit" for me has infantismal forms of which I LOVE each and everyone of IT"S ecclectic uniquenesses.  after all  WE are ALL ONE!

When I am with someone for a session I am not only connecting with their energy, I am connect with theirs and my Spirit Guides, Angels and passed loved ones that are always with us just in different form.  Does the thought of this make you uncomfortable or even cause fear?  Please know that when working in the Light that Light is all that can vibrate at that level and there is nothing to fear.  What is so fascinating about what I do, is that we can all do it..   Remember that we are ALL ONE.  When that energy starts to flow in the same vibrational direction WE can accomplish anything.  With this being said I understand that it is the POWER of GOD (in any form) that is really at work here but we as IT'S extension are miraculous beings capable of much more that we and society give ourselves credit for.

Now I would like to take this conversation in a different direction if you please.  As I understand it we are all Gods Children! Right?  Ok then why do so many of us spend so much time studying and fighting over our differences rather that the multitude of things that are alike.  So my work with Reiki and Divination are just tools that I use to LOVE my fellow human being because we in reality are ALL ONE.  I am not saying that I like how some people choose to live THEIR LIFE.  I'm not blind and I undersatnd that human beings do horrible things everyday.  I also understand that we are inundated by a biased media system that chooses to perpetuate FEAR and HATE.  I'm just saying that my job is to love them.  I refuse to believe that placing yourself on a different level either above or below is the greatest problem.  No Sociatal or Dogmatic beliefs are going to separate me from THE ALMIGHTY.

I feel grateful and blessed that I choose to connect in many ways to the blessing that is spirit.  I KNOW that I and YOU are Spiritual beings living a human experience.  This place called life is not "HOME" but no matter what we will ALL get there as that is our goal and I for one am going to everything in my power to love and walk my fellow spiritual being back home again.

I SEND this message to all who will receive it in the spirit of love that it is intended,  NAMASTE

Camelias and Mrs. Capers

Posted on June 7, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello friends. I must apologize for not blogging.  With the onset of the warm weather there has been so much to do.  I will try to do better and keep some great information coming.

As some of you know I a from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  A lovely area of the country.  When Donna and I bought our first home it was a tiny 900 square feet accadian shotgun cottage.  We lived there atleast 11years and did so many things to improve this little house was built in the late 40s early 50's. One side this little tin roofed house was nestled up to the most beautiful 200 year old Live Oak trees you have ever laid your eyes on.  We made huge flower beds around them and filled them with so many shade loving plants that in no time it was a lush oasis.  There was a hedgerow ( thats's Southern for a row of bushes) of 8 foot high Gandenias.  The  smell was absolutely intoxicating there is really no way to describe it.  Now our street face the the back of the houses accross the street .  During the time when the houses like ours were being built they were considered secondary to the houses in the front.  I understood from the old timers that it used to just be a dirt road going back there to some shacks.  The South is so friendly and we had an older couple living across the street and we did not see them much except coming and going from their garage which was what we could see through the vegetation that would have been at the back of there property.  Well the prooperty chjanged hands and a lovely older couple moved in and I began to notice a woman out there working in that yard.  Now remember all of this area was in the shade of these giant old Oak trees so the lighting was always dappled.  I digress again.  I really noticed this lady because of 2 things.  She had the most beautiful snow white hair and she worked like no older person I had ever seen we are talking 70 here.  Well I walked over and introduced myself and told her that Doonna and I were right accross the street and would be glad to help her with anything she needed.  We got to understand that her husband was in poor heqlth and used a motorized scooter but she was still spry and liked to work in the yard.  Now as I am standidng at her chainlink fence i am getting up close looks at some of the most gorgeous cameleia blossoms I had ever seen.  I reemarked " why Mrs Capers those Camelias are stunning."  She said that was why she was working so hard to clean out this neglected area of the back yard because there were several varieties of Camelias that were there and they "needed tending".  You see Camelias were a favorite of hers because her Father had been iinstrumental in the cultivation of many of the now "named" varieties of these lovely flowers.  I graciously accepted a huge bouquet and placed them all over my house and enjoyed them immensely.  As time went on we became friends with Mrs. Capers. Donna would Mow the grass for her and I would work on the "tending" part of the yard.  I learned so much from her and enjoyed everysecond of it.  Now South Mississippi in July and August can take your breath away but we pushed on.  Sadly her husband passed away and I became even more connected to her because she was alone as my Mother had been for so many years after my Fathers passing.  Well I found out that she and her husband had owned a small little Motel in town in the 40's when people lived in a motel room on a more permenant basis.  They lived and raised three sons in the bigger house that was on the prooperty.  Well after her husband passed she began to clear out a lot of the things that her husband liked to "keep around"  she said he always said he would find a use for that and well we were clearing it out.  There was an old green house attached to the side of the garage that she wanted to fix up and use as a green house.  Well it was full to the door with things that were left behind by the late Mr. Capers.  As we worked our way into the space I noticed an old furniture peice that was what they called a server, and even farther in an old dresser with a mirror.  I love old furniture like that so she could tell right away that I was anxious to get to them and have a closer look.  Well they had been old pieces that people had left in "The Motel"  YEARS ago and they were old as dirt then.  He kept them and said that he would fix them up one day.  Well I just fell in love with both of those old pieces and she said if you want them please get them out of my way.  Honey I could not get them out of that old green house and across the street fast enough.  I finished working with her for the day and then went home to snoop out my treasures with more attention.  Well they were in sad shape and I decided I would get out the Murpheys Oil soap and the hose and get rid of all that mold and mildew and see what I had.  They are 2 of my prize possessions in this world and they are in my house now.  They are clean but never refinished as I love them just as they are.  I loved Mrs. Capers the same way and think of her many times a day when I see and use these pieces in my home.  The last note here is that I got so in love with all the Camelia varieties that Donna and I purchased at leaset 13 or 14 and planted them as a hedgerow in the front of our little shotgun house.  Now I saw a few of the blooms on theses foot high bushes and they were stunning but we moved away to Pennsylvania and I have no idea what they llook like today.  I am not even sure what ever happened to Mrs. Capers.  But the feelings and the memories of those times are as priceless as any I have.  Please know that everyday and everything you do have the ability to become a priceless memory in the heart of someone.  Please love your fellow human being and love them just as they are and make beautiful memeories together that will last a life time even if the Camelias don't.


Posted on May 17, 2015 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello All,

I am affirming that this posting finds everyone healthy, happy and grateful.  I am really enjoying the flowers and the greeness that we are finally getting here in PA.  I hope that it is the same for you.  I would like to talk about having choices.  Even in the worst of times we have choices in how we choose to react and let things effect us.  I know I know...."when life gives us lemons".....   Well it's true you still have a choice.  I am finding more and more that I am able to draw on this information of CHOICE when the time comes to practice what you preach.  We will never make everyone happy.  We will always have negative things in our lives.  We are not here to lollygag through the roses, you are here to do a job!  Think about it for a minute....  All the negative things that have happened in your life you REALLY learned a valuable lesson from.  When life is good we enjoy it and it feels great and we would like for it to go on forever.  The reality is that we just enjoy the great times and remember them fondly but we EXPAND and GROW from the negative if you choose to. People will say and do truly horrific things in the name of all kinds of rightiousness.  We use our social moral agenda to judge something someone does or how they believe and on and on.  The truth for me is that I have a choice, I do not have to like, agree, participate, judge,begrudge, throw stones or even take it into my being.  Or I can do all of the above.  The choice is mine.  What I can tell you is that I am doing the very best that I can with what I have to work with at this very second.....and you know what??????  So is everyone else even if what they are doing we look at as horrendous that being is still doing the best that they can with what they have to work with at that second.  I know this gets pretty touchy with all of us we go to all kinds of world wide issues and front page news and we begin to judge because that is what we have been taught to do.  I get it those things we find aweful but the choice is still there to take it in or not.  Remember when you look into the eyes of EVERYONE you see that GOD (in your choice of form) is looking back at you.  You may not like them or what they stand for but it is the same Omnipresent Being looking at you.  Do what you like and I will support your right to do and feel the way that you do.  I for one am choosing to give love and light and know that little by little each tiny bit is moving us onward and upward in this dance if life of the spirit living here in this human body at this very second!

Love and light y'all

Mothers Day Blessings

Posted on May 10, 2015 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello friends,

I am writing to you later in the day this week as I had many things outside that I wanted to get accomplished today.  I want to share with you about Mothers Day.  As some of you may or may not know, I lost my Mother to cancer.  It will be 15 years this July the 10th.  I miss her and talk with her everyday.  I'm compelled to share what I have come to understand having suffered so many years with out my Momma on all days, holidays and especialy this day.  I realized through so many women that are such gifts in my life that I am NOT A  MOTHERLESS CHILD!  I felt that way for so long and really put myself through so much grief because of the unconcious choice (choice non-the-less) of how I would feel and react to these "special days!"  I realized that I spent so much time reliving her passing that I was negating the other 69 years she graced this planet.  She was a "character" as we would say in the South.  She was beautiful, funny, warm,giving,joyous,appreciative, gracious and grateful to just mention a few.  I will always miss her being on this planet physically with me, but I am and will continue to make the concious effort to be grateful and appreciate all of the beautiful souls on this planet that Mother me daily.  My Wife, my Mother in Law, my Reiki Master, my Sisters of which there are many that I walk this light workers path.  Thank you all for being a "Momma" to me.  The last thing I want to share is that as I began to understand  this transition  it  showed me that I was a Mother too.  Every client that I lay my hands on,  I am comforting as if my child, everytime I am there to answer a question or help in some small way, I AM THAT MOTHER!  with joy in my heart I say to all of you Happy Mothers Day and thank you for gracing me with your love.

As always Love and Light.

Ruminations and unseen blessings

Posted on May 3, 2015 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Good Morning,

What a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania.  We are finally enjoying a bit of warmer spring weather and all of the natural abundances that come along with it.

As I begin to think of planting and freshening up the flower beds and look forward to planting veggies in the garden, I am reminded of a story that I was asked to share with you by a friend.  I shared this story a short while back and she urged me to share it because she felt touched by it.  So here goes.

As some of you may know I grew up in the Bayou's of the southern most coastal Mississippi.  I was raised in the woods on dirt roads till I was in high school.  I would not trade it for anything.  The amazing thing is that the older you get the more you realize how awesome and blessed things were and are even thoiugh you may not recognize it at the time.  This is the basis behind the story that I am going to share with you this morning.

So my Father traveled with his business and on this particular trip my Momma got to go along.  I stayed with my Mommas best friend my Momma Bertie and Uncle Ed.  They lived on the outskirts of town and lived more "off the Grid" before it was fashionable.  They had the biggest garden ever with rows of produce as long as a city block almost.  Some of the best veggies ever.  So during my time with Momma Bertie which was during late July to early August.... The field peas were "in".  This meant it was time to pick and then prepare them to be frozen for later use during the winter.  Momma Bertie and I started out with our five gallon buckets at the head of our row of field peas.  The bushes are about crotch high so that is what you do.  you straddle the row bent over and pick the field pea pods off and drop them in your bucket and move on.  Now keep in mind that we are talking about full sun and 96 degree weather with 90% humidity, thus the reason everything grows so well.  We worked for an hour or so and I was just absolutely sweating, hot and miserable (I was about 12years old and 12 years olds are usually pretty miserable).  I did not want to let Momma Bertie down so I kept plugging away.  As I look over at Momma Bertie I see this tiny woman with not a drop of sweat of about 60 years of age, long grey hair piled high on her head and a lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  She was picking peas faster that I could even breathe in the heat.  She looked up at me and in the most sincere graveley voice and said, "Hon (short for honey) can you do your Momma Bertie a huge favor?"  Of course "yes Maam" was my reply.  She asked me to go all the way down to the end of the row of peas she was" pickin" and sit down on the ground and straddle the row and scoot up  to it as close as I could.  With a huge question mark looming over my head I went all the way to the end of the row and sat down,  which happened to be in the shade of the "Truckers Delight" variety of corn that was so loved by Momma Bertie.  I sat there for another 45minutes to an hour waiting on Momma Bertie to finish pickin that row.  She finally got there and when she did she looked at me and said in all sincerity.  Thank you "hon" for doing that for me.  I finally asked "why" which in my day you did not do with your elders and she said.  "well hon you kept that ole row from a movin atta way from me and let me finally get to the end of it."   My point to this story is that I did not have any idea how loved and blessed I was at that time.  I sure as heck know it now.  Let go of your feelings about situatons in your life and give them a little time to ruminate.  You might be surprised how blessed and loved you are too.  I love and miss Momma Bertie and strive to emulate the strength, wisdom and love.  She knew I would have never went and sat down while my sweet 2nd Momma worked so hard.

As always Love and Light to you all.

Learning on a daily basis....a MUST

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Good Morning All,

Today I would like to share some obeservations that happen to us all on a regular basis.  The "trick" is to recognize it!  I am being blessed to be able to take A Course In Miracles.  For those of you that may not be familiar this, it is a reading course best suited to do with a group of people.  I am taking this course with 9 other lovely ladies and had my first "class" last week.  I had the book for this course for atleast 10 years and was so strongly drawn to it so many times but was never able to follow through on my own (maybe you can relate).?  So in the course there is reading and also a lesson a day that you are to read and ponder.  I am a few weeks behind on the lessons as I came to the course 2 weeks in.  The listening and understanding based on other people understanding is OUTSTANDING!  This has led me to try and be even more observant of what I SAY and even THINK.  Blessings are around us all the time.  They come in so many forms.  They can be grand and glaring and in your face, or small and meek and just a s precious.  I was fortunate enough this week to have a happenstance visit to a museum /chapel up above me here in PA.  it is the Chapel and Museum to a Padre Pio.  Feel free to look that up if you like you will not be disappointed.  As you may or may not know I am not a religeous person but a deeply spiritual one.  As a result I love and have studied many religions and am drawn to many aspects of all OF THEM.  I FIND THAT i AM TOUCHED DEEPLY IN THE SAME WAY, WHICH FOR ME GIVES ME THE SOLACE TO KNOW THAT SPIRIT IS IN EVERYTHING AND I AM BLESSED TO BE SENSITIVE TO BE ABLE TO FEEL IT IN ANY FORM.  So while at this lovely place that was so beautiful and reverent, we were looking around and taking in the beautiful information about a truly amazing human being who did so many wonderful things in his tortured lifetime.  I understand that he was particular drawn to Our Lady of Fatima.  I must tell you that not being religious or Catholic I am specifically drawn to Our LAdy in all her many forms.  I digress....So I see this particularly large statue of Our Lady of Fatima and I notice that her eyes are downcast as in so many other religions to me depicting meditation.  So as I approach my mind is making this correlation about we are ALL ONE as my Course in Miracles is helping me to further undersatnd.  As I walk closer to this Icon of Our Lady I come into to her down cast view and as she looks at me I completely begin to weep.  I just basked in the awesomeness that I was totally connected to every other being on this planet and was honored to be their Sister, Child, Mother and Fellow Human Being.  I  had not even noticed a small Asian man who happened to be standing there looking at Our Lady, and the next thing I know he steps back and holds my hand for the briefest moment.  I looked at him with tears running down my face and we smiled in our knowing of ONENESS and he walked away.  Please take the time to be quiet and observant enough to see and enjoy the miracles of every day.

Love and Light,


Spirit. God and Angels

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Good morning from a some what cooler Pennsylvania.  

After the urging of a good and trusted friend I have decide to create a blog page for my website.  I will use this space to share positive musings, stories and situations to try and uplift us all in a world that seems to produce so much negativity!

Here goes.

I first want to remind people that Reiki is NOT a reliogion and I am not abdicating any religion here.  I am sharing beautiful uplifting information to inspire thought and growth for us all.

People will say that there is no such thing as God.  They will site that if there were a God "how could He or She " allow such horrors on this earth?  They then logically conclude, "there is no God".  To them I say the same thing as to those who do believe, good for you!  Being a doer by nature I then say to you, "then go out and act as God, the Loving One.  Repair the injustices, love one another equally, heal the sick and feed the poor.

Some of us have seen Angels and revel in the fact that we commune with them on a daily basis, I say the same conclusion applies.  What are we called to do but be like angels on this earth?  To comfort the grieving in their times of need, laugh with the joyful folks in their time of happiness, do our best to alleviate suffering and try to act as God would have us act,  in essence act like God!!!  Oddly enough that means that we should love that irritating neighbor, the person who looks or dresses differently, the ones from a different country who speak different languages, or holds a different political view or even worships (God help us) a different God in "weird", wild ways with what we may even consider in our opinion offensive practices.  THATS IT!!!!  I believe that we are to treasure this little earth that is so loved by the angels.  We should be compelled to act as though we care.  For we are LOVED & ADORED and we are called ourselves to act as angels unaware!

Till next time....LOVE and LIGHT to ALL.