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Finding Yourself in an Unexpected Safe Place

Posted on March 11, 2016 at 12:35 AM


I was inpired for this post from a card reading that I did for myself just very recently.  Some of you may or may not know that I devine with many tools to look at situations in order to gleen a different perspective.  Perspective there is that word again but that is for another blog very soon.  So in this reading I really do not remember the card exactly,  though I do know that the deck was Chakra Oracle Cards.  I digress, the really meaty message that rang out to me tike a Tibetan singing bowl was this:  REJECTION IS SPIRITUAL PROTECTION!!!  Well there you have it.  As I pondered this for a better part of a day, I came to realize that this information was meant for many people,  not just myself and my clients.  The key for me was this.  Spirit has my back and if I take the time to listen, have that blind faith and KNOW that I am cared for, then heed my intuition, I can really minimalize some of the suffereing that we all go through in any type of rejection situation.  So round a bout here we are back on the subject of choice.  I will choose from this day forward to realize that any type of rejection that  I feel,   real or perceived, is Spirit looking out for me.  I choose to listen.  I hope this will help you to open up to the same thought pattern and allow it to assist you in your path for your highest good.  I send this iff to you with love and light.


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