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Posted on April 15, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Hello All,

Coming to you from finally sunny Pennsylvania and spring has finally truly Sprung!

I would like to talk today about Authenticity.  I'm talking about doing your own internal spiritual work and delving into inside and finding your authentic self.  I am not saying the perfect self of societal expectations, I'm saying the REAL you standing in your one true light warts and all.  I am finding as we progress into our next phase of spirtual evolution that people are being forced to look at themselves in a light that they are not necessarily happy with.  What does that mean?  Well for me it means that being truthful with myself and seeing me through raw unfiltered eyes and choosing to accept who and what I truly am.  If I find that when I do this if I am not happy with some aspect of my true self, then I have a choice, change it or accept it.  Either is fine because remember this is about you feeling comfortable in your skin regardless of outside influences.  This is your truth and if you are truly comforted by your authenticity, then you are standing in your own true light.  I find that many of the negative aspects of the planet we reside on at this time stem from IN-AUTHENTICITY!  People are irrational, hate-filled and all around irritated by lifes ups and downs because they have not taken the time and effort to understand themselves.  I find that I recognize right away if others I come in contact with are authentic or not.  The beauty of this is being able then to make a choice for my own connection with them based on truth or not, either way that choice is mine.  I have no judgement that they should be one way or the other authentic or not,  I am comforted in the awareness either way.  I ask you to just consider that if you are struggling and you do not seem to be able to get past it, LOOK INSIDE!  Find out who and what you are, make the necessary changes if you so choose and love what you are and who you see.  It is very liberating when done in complete honesty.  Do I think that I am perfect?  Do I think that my thoughts are righteous?  Do I think that every word from my mouth is a monumental pearl of wisdom?  The resounding answer to these questions is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I do see the Divinity and miracle that I am.  I do find my thoughts internally liberating because I recognize that they are coming from SPIRIT residing with in me.  I do know that the words that come from my mouth are coming from my AUTHENTIC self and that my intention is to love and share the light of that with others for the simple fact that they are my fellow beings.  Everyone is Devine, every breath we take is miraculous and every step we make is Holy.  Take some time and tap into you and share your own true light!  Love and light y'all!  See you in the 5th dimension.

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