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Posted on June 16, 2016 at 3:00 PM



Todays post: DIVINITY! What am I referring to? I'm referring to the spiritual perfection that resides in each and every one of us. I know, I know we immediately want to jump in there and try to pick apart, and point out those folks that are not acting or being very divine at this time! To that I would like to say that we are not projecting, but doing our own work and going inside ourselves for the answers we seek! With that said, I realize that the planet we are residing on is not a very good place at this time (or so it seems.) Spirit and I regularly communicate as do all of you. My message today is to try and get the point across to everyone that we are ALL Divine spiritual beings inhabiting a material human body. If you will indulge me please think for a moment about the last time that you thought of yourself as divine.......... It"s been a while, if ever right? Well that is the point to this blog. If more of us on this planet looked at and appreciated ourselves for the diviness that resides within us, instead of focusing on our"warts" and imperfections, we would be a lot better off. We are being driven by the social standards that a few have deemed the "norm". The media panders to this, and our lack of connection with Spirit allows this to flourish! Stop for one moment, take a deep breath and just concentrate on the magical action of even taking that breath. The fact that you unconciously breathe and oxygen nourishes this material body to make it animate itself and thus unconciously provide a temporary temple for the Divine Spirit to reside in is a Miracle. So if the unseen Spirit can provide you with this miraculous vehicle we call a body, then you must pay hommage to the Divine being that resides within! Just think about all of the half truths that are shoved at us via the media about all the horrible situations and horrible persons that reside here with us. If the perpetrators and the media and each and everyone of us made the effort to connect with our Divine selves......can you see how things would be so completely different. How about we make more time to see how magically devine we are and to focus on seeing this in ourselves and each other? History, past and present divine souls have been urging us since the beginning of time to go inside for all that we seek. I for one am choosing to do just that and spend more time with the Divine Goddess that resides in me! Would you please try and do it with me? I would like to leave you with a final thought by sharing a phrase that my Momma shared with me many, many times: "Not a blade of grass blows in the wind that Spirit does not have it's hand on!" This includes each and every one of us we just need to close our eyes to the outside negativity and the "shoulds" and BE DIVINE!

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