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Posted on June 17, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Prayers! Sending out prayers. I’m praying for you or this that and the other. Have these become catch phrases along with “Just let it go”, “It is what it is” Sending love and light”? I for one use these phrases. I am also deeply aware that they truly mean something. I believe thoughts and words are powerful and become things. When we think or say words, we use groups of letters to create that word or thought. Think about this for a minute and you may have heard this before. Putting groups of letters together to form a word is called……..? SPELLing! We are in essence casting spells or weaving energy, good and bad to create! With this in mind, I feel, and am compelled to share that there is a responsibility that comes along with thinking and spelling. These thoughts and phrases are not politically correct responses to a media driven society! I understand that when we see scenes unfold in the media that we grimace from them and we say “oh I’m praying for those folks”, but if you are not looking at your own thoughts and deeds and just throw out a “catch phrase” then moving on…….well then I think we should all be more aware! Look at your own thoughts and actions, are you even aware of the energy you are mindlessly releasing. Do you have prejudices and believe in stereotypes? Do you secretly harbor a sense that you are better than someone else because you fit an accepted mold? None of us are perfect and I am in no way chastising anyone. If you are going to think and use words then I believe we as a species need to become more authentic with ourselves, stand in the light of truth and take responsibility! Take the time and put forth the energy to look at and find your authentic self. Stand in that light, and BE YOU! So then even if you are prejudice, and you do believe you are better than I am, your energy will be coming from a place of authenticity. Then maybe you will think before you open your thought process and mouth and “cast your spell!” We are in a world and time that is especially tumultuous at this time, we try and do the best that we can in the circumstances we find ourselves. The very least we can do is be authentic and truthful and if we truly care we will take responsibility and do as we say, not just blatantly lie by throwing a politically correct catch phrase.   I truly pray that this information is received in the love and light that it was intented.


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