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Patience is a Virtue

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 3:55 PM

Patience is a Virtue


Audra Brown


Hello fellow dwellers in the light. We are into our winter lunar eclipse with comet passing. I’m not sure how you all are feeling but, I can tell you I’m not especially comfortable. I by nature am not the most patient person. When I have something in mind I’m ready to tackle it whole heartedly. Well since the beginning of this number 1 year I feel like I am in neutral. As a doer I am not very comfy in this neutral position. I get it that I am not necessarily needing to be I full forward motion to be considered productive or deserving! I am reluctantly resigning myself to the reality that I am not supposed to be “doing” right now! Not an easy task or lesson for me, but a lesson none the less. I am finding that the more I learn, open up and expand, the more of the same is necessary! I believe this is the lesson in the greater picture for me at this time. By not pushing myself to do and accomplish and wasting valuable energy is the “work” that needs to be done in learning the lesson. With that said, as I write I am beginning to get an inkling that I am right where I should be, and that I am doing exactly what I should be doing! The comfort for us is as always a choice. I can choose to feel as though I’m not “accomplishing” based on others perceptions, and with that choice of perception comes the responsibility of the feelings of not being comfortable, bothered, impatient, irritated and the list goes on……..! That is alright in and of itself, no judgments needed! I am discerning that for me any number of choices are also available, and the one that I am choosing is to take the side of LOVE. I am choosing to place it squarely on myself and know that I am doing just exactly as I need to be doing. No judgments needed here either. So is patience really a virtue or a choice? I say both. Because in making the choice to love where I am and doing exactly as I am doing I am truly being most virtuous! As always I hope that al who read this receive in the mode of love from which it was intended.

Love and Light



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