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Enlightening Ucertainty

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 4:05 PM



Audra Brown


Greetings to all light beings. I have been neglect in sharing ideas and thought processes with you for some time. For that I truly apologize. Let me remind you and myself that we are a light being inside of a human suit…nothing more than a suit of clothes!

With this said, I would like to share some experiences with you. As I am wholly aware the entire planet is undergoing a huge shift and change including we light beings riding around in our meat suits. Dimension shifting is need and inevitable. I am hyper aware that they present state of the USA Political system and Europe Brexit are in chaos, as well as the Middle East. I feel the negative energy has increased as I know many of you workers of the healing arts have felt as well. This is not a political post! What my intention is to share with all of you is that even though we are expanding into our new dimensions, I feel as though we are forgetting the human and especially the emotional aspect of our being. As we are struggling to awaken to the changes and the “enlightenment”, I am seeing a propensity to not acknowledge our Spirit given emotions! The point that I am making is that as we move forward there is a tendency to put pressure by others and ourselves, especially in the alternative community to deny the feelings and emotions that we are feeling. I have been a light worker from sometime, I divine with cards and pendulums, I practice healing craft and above all do my best to stay in the higher energies!! I feel loss and grief and anger at the world that I am forced to participate in! By denying myself the time, effort and energy to go through these stages, I find that I am returning to these feelings and then allowing fear/ego to enter the scenario! My point to all of this is that we are not perfect and that we are allowed to feel whatever emotion we are being forced to endure based on the illusion that we call life. While I’m here in my meat covered vehicle doing the very best that I can to love and give and help everyone I come in contact with, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let others make me feel guilty for MY OWN EMOTIONS! This is not that I feel you must follow what I am doing, I’m just summing it up to say that we are growing and expanding and we need to extend the same love and compassion to ourselves as we do with others. May all who read this message receive it message in the love and light from which it is intended!



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