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Love, Honor and Respect

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Love, Peace, Honor and Respect

In The Midst of Destruction


I was born in 1961! I was raised in a military family by a Father who was raised by the Military as he lied about his age to get in. He did this because times were so tough that there was no other choice! I was raised with the utmost respect I said yes Ma’am and yes Sir to every adult! You know what? I meant it too. I did not do this only because of the fear of negative repercussions, I truly respected them!

Now I know before you start, I understand there are some people…and that is one of the points of this blog. Now that I am 55 years of age and I still say yes Ma’am and yes Sir to adults and even young people, I still mean it. Respect is earned and not just a given. Yes maybe at one time and in some circumstances this was a blindly accepted practice. We as a Society and a species have changed. Change is inevitable! WE have become so independent from each other. We have our own everything, house, phone, car etc. We no longer NEED each other!

I humbly beg to differ. I believe we need each other now more than ever! We are so quick to point out our differences, and we use them as weapons towards one another! We freely dig up things from the past and hurl them with unabashed evilness and hate. I find that people bring things up that have no bearing on anything other than inflict pain. The period of political correctness was a self-imposed smoke screen that was initially intended to help each other become aware of hurtful disrespectful terms used towards another. I do not for one moment believe that any of this was thrown in people’s faces or shoved down their throats. YOU took it that way and did not have the guts to stand in your own AUTHENTICITY and be real. You went along with the masses and all the while you were seething just below the surface. I am horrified and ashamed that people are now “outing” themselves. Using words and terms with full intention of meanness and hate to show how they really feel. All done in the name of self-righteous indignation. Why you ask? Because they now have the guts because of their misguided belief in the power of this new political climate.

I am not here to debate Republican, Democrat, race, sexual orientation, gender differentiation, religious doctrine or immigration! Those are each


your own crosses to bear as it were! My point is that it is NOT us and them! We are all pink on the inside and we have all made horrible mistakes in history and this life! You want love? Then give it. You want peace? Then let go whatever doctrine you are chained to, learn for yourself, and get out from under your rock and look around for truth and be peaceful. To do this you must look at the truth and release the fear! You want to be honored and respected? Then get a grip and BE honorable, AUTHENTIC and respectable! Last but not least RESPECT is earned, you want it? RESPECT yourself and others and do the work it takes to see all the wondrous qualities that makes us all exactly the same. Remember that when you lie, cheat and steal, whether by omission or trickery you will continue to receive more of the same. The Law of Attraction is real!!!!!

If you feel any of this as I do, then do what you CAN do. Stop listening and reacting to negative rhetoric. See it for what it is, be smart and informed, but do not respond with hate. We can get off this cycle of he said she said and it’s us versus them, by loving each other and being ONE!!!!

In closing I ask each and every one of you to stop! Be still and ask yourself, if the situation were turned around and you found yourself on the receiving end of what you are giving, would you feel and react the same way?????

May all who read this receive it in the mode of love from which it was intended!

I am truly sending Love and Light to us ALL as we are ALL ONE.




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