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Divinity and Dignity

Posted on August 20, 2017 at 4:00 PM



Hi there all, been a really long time since if jumped in and penned a thought to share. This hit me last night and I realized today that I had something that I wanted to share.

So with all of the energetic changes that have been swirling around us since this year of new beginnings, I have found myself in some places that were not very comfortable. Like many of us our “go too magic” was just not working for me in this new environment, I have floundered, and been a bit out of sorts. I began hearing a repeating the word to myself and others that the authenticity had changed for me and I was finding it very uncomfortable. I began a quest to allow my authenticity to morph without my interference as I was just getting in my own way. I have been allowing myself to feel confused, out of sorts and pretty much discombobulated! To my wonder and surprise I have come to the realization that the out of sorts was just change and that change as I have repeated many times is good. I realized that the indignity that I was feeling at being thrown into a place that was rude, obnoxious and unhappy was really none of those things, they were merely the perception I was creating around the change that I could not relate to at that very moment. I began to realize that my indignancy was truly of my own making because I had failed to inject my unending faith in Spirit into this equation. Thus I realized that for me Divinity and Dignity are super inter-connected, and that without one the other felt hollow. Now I’m not really speaking about social dignity, or physical dignity, I’m more speaking about the innate dignity that is issued to us all from the beginning. We have a choice to allow this societal madness to tear us down and strip us of our dignity or we can disregard that which is really neither here nor there and choose to Honor the Divinity that resides with in each and every one of us. I am choosing and finding that by releasing the grip of biased media interaction and taking the time to interact with the DIVINE that resides with in, I am coming back to centeredness. I share this information in love and light in the hopes that it may serve as a perception change for you as well. Please receive it in the context of the love and light that it was given.




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