Universal Life REIKI

Universal Life Reiki

I am a certified Reiki Master performing hands on Reiki touch healing treatments.

I enjoy and use many forms of divination to assist you.

Distance Reiki is effective and available.

Reiki Healing touch energy and divination

I also am adept at divination through many sources.  I particularly use the pendulum in many cases to get yes an No answers for persons seeking information.  I use many forms of Tarot and Oracle cards.  I may use many sources here at Universal Life REIKI to give the client the most accurate information to help them achieve their specific goals.

I am available by appointment only. In person Reiki Healing Energy  sessions are available in my home Reiki Studio.  My schedule is very flexible as I like to be able to accommodate those with hectic schedules

Sessions last approximately 1 hour

$45.00 (gratitude offering).

Reiki is done fully clothed and is not massage.  My form of Reiki is hands on meaning that my hands do not stay above you but I will actually lay my hands on specific parts of the body.  I will be connecting with your chakras to assess what I can do to facilitate the healing that you seek.

I am also available for distance healing sessions.  The symbol you see above is a tool that I would use to connect with someone remotely or at a distance.  We would need to have a consultation prior to the appointment so that I may understand the intention of your connection with me.  We would then set a time for the actual session and we can be on the phone with each other at the same rime as the session is being performed.  I do speak during the session as information comes through to me.  I am an adept at many forms of divination providing guidance and thus healing for those in need of these services. I look forward to serving you.